Sample Syllabi

English & Women's Studies Junior / Senior Seminar

Vassar College, Spring 2020

We look at theories on sibling kinship in anthropology, history, psychoanalysis, and gender studies with readings of 19th-century and contemporary literature. Students challenge their inherited thinking about family dynamics and identity. 

English & Women's Studies Literature, Gender & Sexuality

Vassar College, Spring 2020

Discussions of "madness" and anger guide our examination of 19th- and 20th-century British and American literature. We trace a legacy of female authorship through novels and short fiction that query women's cultural positioning.

English 170 

Approaches to Literary Study

Vassar College, Spring 2020

Introducing the critical vocabulary of literary studies, this course explores Romantic poetry and prose through diverse lenses, from new criticism to feminist, queer, trans theory; race studies and postcolonial theory; and environmental studies.

English 101

First-Year Writing Seminar

Vassar College, Fall 2019

We track themes and motifs of monstrosity through the bodies of literal monsterspieced-together creatures, goblins, parasitic insectsas well as bodies and minds that have been driven into a monstrous existence by external forces.

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