Special Issue: 200 Years, 50 Voices
Keats-Shelley Journal 

This flash essay contemplates the absence of critical foundational work in queer theory and queer methodologies within the study of Romanticism. Why did queer studies pass us by? Can we reinvigorate a Queer Romanticism?

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European Romantic Review
October 2018 (29.5)

William Wordsworth exemplifies the Romantic poet: alone in nature, relishing solitude and his own mind. But this persistent image is already being dismantled, as critics reveal Wordsworth composing actively with friends and family. This essay overturns the "egotistical sublime" by turning from biography to art, where, in Lyrical Ballads, his subjects are far from individual, but, rather, interdependently intertwined with others—and not just his own sister Dorothy.

Book Reviews

Queer Victorian Families: Curious Relations in Literature

Edited by Duc Dau and Shale Preston

Routledge, 2015

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Keats Letters Project.jpg

The Keats Letters Project

September 10, 2017

Commentary on John Keats' words to his younger sister, Fanny, in a letter written on 10 Sept 1817.

Marriage Equality.jpg

Discussion of the enduring legacy of Jane Austen's romantic comedy in line with rhetoric surrounding same-sex marriage.

NASSR Graduate Caucus Blog *

December 1, 2015

Thoughts on teaching Wollstonecraft's feminism with contemporary essays on workplace equality and motherhood.

NASSR Graduate Caucus Blog *

November 11, 2015

Exploration of student projects connecting the sublime in Romantic poetry with both contemporary and 18th/19th-century art.

NASSR Graduate Caucus Blog *

November 19, 2014

Highlights from Danny Boyle and Nick Dear's London stage production.

Reflections on the YouTube series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and its depiction of three modern sisters' infighting and intimacies.

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