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"Speaking through Screens: Connecting with Global Learners Using Slack, Slides, and Screencasts"

Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies

spring 2021 (17.1)

explores interactive synchronous and asynchronous strategies to help learners engage with one another, and with instructor, during a year of emergency remote delivery

 "...[new] tools enabled me to embrace a transitional, even destabilized, position on par with the one my students occupied."

Persuasions On-Line journal cover

"Sororal (Mis)Perception in Sense and Sensibility and Fleabag"

Persuasions On-Line

winter 2020 (41.1)

parallels sisterly evolution and influence between Elinor and Marianne Dashwood and Fleabag and her sister, Claire, in the award-winning series Fleabag

"Austen and Waller-Bridge cultivate a Bildungsroman of 'we' rather than 'I.'"

Keats Shelley Journal cover image

"Where's Queer?"

Keats-Shelley Journal

Special Issue: "200 Years, 50 Voices"

2019 (68)

contemplates the absence of queer theory and queer methodologies

in the dominant critical landscape of Romantic studies

"Romantic studies still needs to deconstruct its dominant heuristics, a solution that queer epistemologies may offer."

European Romantic Review journal cover

overturns the Wordsworthian "egotistical sublime" by revealing an interdependent nature of the poet's subjectivity in the Lyrical Ballads

"…a networked and communal sense of 'sibling logic' defines Wordsworth's poetic identity."


academic web writing

Keats Letters Project.jpg

"Dear Friend, Dearest Sister"

The Keats Letters Project

september 10, 2017

commentary on John Keats's words to his younger sister, Fanny, in 1817

Marriage Equality.jpg

"Pride and Prejudice and Politics"

NASSR Graduate Caucus Blog

december 18, 2016

discussion of the enduring legacy of Austen's romantic comedy in today's rhetoric of marriage

Mary Wollstonecraft.jpg

"How Far Feminism?"

NASSR Graduate Caucus Blog

december 1, 2015

thoughts on teaching Wollstonecraft's feminism and contemporary issues on work and mothering


"Reading Romanticism Today"

NASSR Graduate Caucus Blog

november 11, 2015

exploration of student projects connecting Romantic sublime with contemporary art

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.png

"The Modernization of Elizabeth Bennet"

NASSR Graduate Caucus Blog

march 5, 2015

reflection on the YouTube series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries' modern sisters

Frankenstein Boyle Cumberbatch

"More Frankenstein(s): Cumberbatch, Miller & the National Theatre"

NASSR Graduate Caucus Blog

november 19, 2014

highlights from Danny Boyle and Nick Dear's London stage production

Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog