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If you're anything like me, you may feel currently overwhelmed with the sheer volume of Twitter hashtags (like #CovidCampus), Facebook posts (join Pandemic Pedagogy!), and general screaming-into-the-void accumulating right now. What with the global pandemic and general state of upheaval to our lives, it can feel like a tidal wave crashing high above our heads, both on and off the internet. Particularly for those in higher education, our universes were turned upside down sometime mid-semester this spring, when we were forced to abandon our campuses with little warning. Most likely, your latest research still awaits your return to the library or the lab.

With shifting responsibilities both professionally and personally, we could all use some additional calm and clarity. I say this especially to members of our community who are engaged in the ongoing physical and emotional labor of dealing with the country's many layered reckonings with its history of racism.

So, why have I chosen now to add to the noise? For me, I find teaching and communicating to be tremendously valuable for my own processing. For readers, my aim is to supply any nuggets of wisdom that I've gained, and will continue to gain, in my designing and teaching of college courses. I hope to share insights that will be useful to you as we move through this unknown and shifting territory together.

My teaching has always been a constantly evolving practice, so I look forward to learning from you as well. Please feel welcome to drop a note or comment or link on a post that you find useful, or to disagree (respectfully, please) with something I suggest. I love learning how to do this work better, and I know you can help.

Thank you in advance for your insights and input!



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