Papers & Panels

"Mary Robinson's Rewritings and the Elements of Gender"

2019 NASSR Annual Meeting: Romantic Elements

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Session Organizer: "Queer Elements"

Featuring papers from Stefani Engelstein, Olivia Maderer, David Sigler

2019 NASSR Annual Meeting: Romantic Elements

Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Sympathetic Reciprocity and Sororal Care in Frankenstein"

2018 NASSR Annual Meeting: Open

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

"Sister Lives: Austen's Sororal Bildungsromane and the Imagining of History"

2017 NASSR Annual Meeting: Romantic Life

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Dear, Dear Sisters and Dear, Dear Friends: Rethinking the Relation of Romantic Siblings"

2016 NASSR Annual Meeting: Romanticism and its Discontents

Berkeley, California, USA

Session Organizer: "Romanticism and Gender: The Discontented Divide"

Featuring papers from Talia Vestri, Arden Hegele, Nowell Marshall; Response from Anne K. Mellor

2016 NASSR Annual Meeting: Romanticism and its Discontents

Berkeley, California, USA

"Romantic Antigone; or, The Political Rights of Kinship"

2015 NASSR Annual Meeting: Romanticism & Rights

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"The Traffic in Tales: Narratives of Women, Women as Narratives in Keats and Chaucer"

2013 NASSR Annual Meeting: Romantic Movements

Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Session Organizer: "Is Kinship Always Already Queer?: 
Counter-normative Communities in the Nineteenth Century"

Featuring papers from Lisa Hager, Talia Schaffer, Maia McAleavey

2018 MLA Convention

New York, New York, USA

Session Organizer: "Romantic Genealogies of Kinship"

Featuring papers from Talia Vestri, Eric C. Walker, Julie Ann Carlson

2016 MLA Convention

Austin, Texas, USA

"Spots of Sibling Time: Relational Networks in Wordsworth's Lyrical Ballads"

2016 MLA Convention

Austin, Texas, USA


"Perverting Sex: Incestuous Inheritance and Fraternal Reproduction in Shelley's Cenci"

2016 ICR Annual Meeting: The Dark Side of Romanticism

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

"Spots of Sibling Time: The Networked Logic of Kinship and Selfhood in Wordsworth's Lyrical Ballads"

2014 ICR Annual Meeting: Romantic Reflections: Twins, Echoes, Appropriations

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


"Queer(ing) Kinship: Fraternal Reproduction and Sororal Transmission in The Cenci

2017 BWWC Annual Meeting: Generations

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

"Building the Bildung of Sisterhood in Austen's Pride and Prejudice"

2016 BWWC Annual Meeting: Relations

New York, New York, USA

"The Queer Materiality of Tea: Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford and the Genres of Empire" 

2019 NAVSA Annual Meeting: Media, Genre, The Generic

Columbus, Ohio, USA


Conference Co-Chair: "The Personal is Still Political: 
Challenging Marginalization through Theory, Analysis & Praxis"

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, March 31-April 1, 2017

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Conference Chair: "Clash Zones: Identities in (R)Evolution"

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, April 5-6, 2013

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

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